Sunday, September 13, 2015

Swords of Silver

Swords of Silver
by Hollis Shiloh

Together at last, Holin and Kale are on the run from magicians and dragon-slayers alike, but utterly happy because they have each other.

Then one night, soldiers arrive and capture them both. Kale escapes with Holin's help—and vows to return and rescue his beloved. But that might not be as easy as it sounds, even for a man like Kale.

With help from the mysterious old slayer Carlon, Kale tracks down Holin…and finds a different man entirely. Holin's memory was stolen by magic. The first thing he does is stab Kale.

Is there any way to repair their bond and bring back the old Holin, the one Kale has loved all his life, or will he forever be a broken and untrusting stranger?

sequel to Hearts of Gold 
55,000 words 
Warning: contains dark content & angst

Release Date: Sept 15
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