Monday, November 10, 2014

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Ettore and Liam are trying to make their way in a city where life is sometimes magical, sometimes unbelievably hardscrabble. As rising boxers, they're scheduled to fight one another. Liam doesn't think anything can interfere with their feelings for each other. That is, if they do both feel the same. But in their world, many things can keep two young men apart. Do they have any chance at a life together? 

Length: 22,000 words
Some angst. Happy ending.
Heat level: fairly low


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Yeah, Seth knows Joe is a little older--but he doesn't realize the foxy gentleman is thirty years older. Twenty-three vs. fifty-three is kind of a big deal. Is there any chance for things to work out between a laid-back surfer and an older guy with heart problems and an overly chivalrous nature? 

Let me know if you want to be a reviewer or will need a different format.  I will make a list and send you a copy when it's released!  :-)


  1. Preordered both yesterday...I cannot wait :-) Squee!!!! *Hugs* I've been thinking about you...I hope & pray you're doing well <3