Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Wes and Kit

Wes and Kit

Wes has a soft heart—even if it is a gear heart from when he was mechanicalized during the war. Now close to homeless and in desperate straits, he still finds himself taking on a stray dog—and helping out an injured man he stumbles across in an alleyway.

That's how he meets Kit. A harmless, gentle clock repairman with a heart condition of his own, Kit is in danger…because he's working on a certain clock.

He hires Wes to protect him until the danger is past…whatever its cause. But they find their feelings for each other are becoming too strong to ignore, despite the danger.

When a chance to solve the mystery presents itself, Wes finds he might just lose the man he's come to love…if he can't find Kit in time.

Length: 37,000 words

Steampunk elements, mystery elements, some violence

Heat level: Low

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(Other formats available upon request - please contact me!)


  1. I cannot tell you what a thrill it is to see your stories published!!! I watch your blog faithfully �� so happy to see another steampunk story (my favourites!!) *Hugs* ����

  2. Thank you so much!! :-D *hug* I hope it won't disappoint...

  3. I loved it!!! I just finished it...I cannot wait for Robert's story :-)

    1. Oh wow!! You've read it already? I'm flattered, thank you!! :) And I'm having sooo much fun with Robert's story. ;) I hope you'll enjoy it too.