Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hearts of Gold, by Hollis Shiloh

Hearts of Gold - fantasy / gay romance

A dragon-slayer. A magician. A forbidden love stronger than all the forces of the kingdom. How can Kale pass up the chance to set things right with the only man he ever loved, no matter the risk?

Dragon-slayer Kale has loved Holin all his life. Even before he knew what love was. Certainly before he could admit to it.

The boys grew up squabbling, playing, learning to fight dragons together, and exploring their confusing new feelings for each other. 

But in a world where dragon-slayers and magicians are sworn enemies, fate tore them apart: Holin developed magic. And Kale has never stopped regretting it.

Now, after years apart, they accidentally meet in a small inn....

  • Genres: fantasy, gay romance or m/m romance
  • Length: 43,000 words
  • Contains violence (dragon-slaying)
  • Contains sexual content between two men
  • Heat level: Medium

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