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Monday, November 27, 2017

Felix Navidad

Felix Navidad
by Hollis Shiloh

Justin isn't a fan of Christmas (or holidays in general) at the best of times. But now his long-term boyfriend has broken up with him, and he's even more gloomy than usual. The hot and unfortunately straight Felix, his partner on the force, keeps trying to help. It's really not working until Christmas Day arrives, and brings with it an unexpected gift...

9,300 words
(friends to lovers, buddy cops, sweet gay romance, holiday)

coming up...

December's Patreon Story will be:


Caleb's a tracker.  Eli's a precog.  They aren't exactly friends.  They both work for the ESRB, but very much alone — no matter how Caleb feels about Eli.  But when he faces one of his hardest missions yet, Eli invites himself along...

~8,000 words - low/medium heat

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Sunday, November 5, 2017

Patreon short stories

Hey guys.  I'm trying something new: Patreon short stories.  Basically if you pledge $1 or more you'll get a new short story a month.  (There are a couple of other choices as well.)  

But yeah.  If I can't manage it, I'll pause or cancel after a few months.  The first three short stories are already written, so, we'll see what happens during that time.  If you guys are interested.  If I have enough ideas.   Etc.

Looks like the first short story will be out in December (and you won't get charged till then if you take the plunge).

If you're not into Patreon, don't worry: everything I write for it will eventually be published elsewhere.  If you don't like short stories, don't worry either, as I hope to keep writing novels, as well. Just not quite as fast as I was trying to for a while.

We'll see what happens.  :-)

take care ~

Friday, October 20, 2017


Enforcer wolf. That's Riley. A gangster took him in when he was young, and he's been loyal ever since.

It's getting harder and harder for big, soft-hearted Riley to unquestioningly follow orders...but he doesn't want to be alone without a pack. Almost anything is better than that.

What would it take for a guy like Riley to switch sides and work for the cops instead? Maybe not very much at all.

A shifters and partners novel
68,000 words
Low heat

Thursday, September 28, 2017

New Goals

This year, I've tried to have a release a month out.  It's not always been easy.  I'm finding that, especially when I write longer stories, it's not working for me.  My goal is to move to a month and a half between releases, and see how that works.  I don't like feeling burned out, which sometimes happens when I'm feeling rushed (and I know you guys don't like reading stories that feel rushed, either).

So, for 2018, my goal is 8 books instead of 12.

But I have another goal: make a Patreon account and offer readers who join a short-story-a-month.  I have several reasons for wanting to try this.  One, some authors are making it look really good right now!  Y'all are killing it!  Two, I gotta say, the monthly guarantee of a certain amount of money (as long as I hold up my end of the bargain) sounds...nice.  It's not something authors really get in general.  And three...I like writing short stories!  I miss it!

Anyway that's my goal.  A short story a month, and a book every 45 days.  We'll see what happens.

I'm really excited!  I've always liked writing short stories, but most people prefer reading longer stories.  So we'll see if there's enough interest (from readers) and enough ideas (from me) to do this.

Two notes: 

1) I'll still publish the short stories elsewhere, but not for probably a month or two.  It's not that they'll be exclusive content, just "first" content.  Some will be in established worlds, some won't, but by definition, they won't be something you have to read in order to enjoy the rest of any series.

2) I'll probably try the Patreon short story thing for 4-5 months, and if I'm enjoying it, and readers are going for it, I'll keep doing it.  If not, I'll focus my efforts elsewhere.  Maybe try to speed up my novel writing, maybe not.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

The Body in the Backyard

The Body in the Backyard
by Hollis Shiloh

Clarence Collin is pushing up daisies—in Abe's bed of zinnias!

When the caustic critic of a TV gardening show winds up murdered in Abe's well-groomed backyard, both Abe and his hunky-but-irritating neighbor Gregory might be on the suspect list.

Abe starts amateur sleuthing in self-defense...and to spend time with Gregory. When the two green thumbs look into their neighborhood's dirty little secrets, who knows what they'll dig up?

A cozy gay mystery
51,000 words

Available at:

Review copies always available for free.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

All My Broken Pieces

All My Broken Pieces
by Hollis Shiloh

Tim is a small wolf shifter, partially disabled, not good at confrontation, and very alone. Life isn't easy at a precinct where he's never been fully accepted. He spends far too much of his time trying not to overhear coworkers mocking him. His best friend (okay, pretty much his only friend) is a drug-addicted fox shifter. 

And Tim certainly knows better than to fall in love; that didn't work out so hot before. These days, he sticks to anonymous encounters. He doesn't believe in mates or true love, not for someone like him.

But he's worked for the cops almost a decade now, and really, there's no reason at all why he should have to go through a stupid certification course. They didn't even have those when he started!

Life takes an unexpected twist when one of his anonymous encounters turns out to be attending the same certification course. Levi is a big, sweet guy he'd never expected to see again. 

Tim doesn't want to let Levi see the flaws and cracks that anything more than a quick hookup would reveal. He certainly doesn't plan to spend any more time with the guy, much less get feelings for him...

Length: 65,000 words
Heat: somewhat low
A "shifters and partners" novel 

Available at:

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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Harry Ever After: a shifters and partners novel

Harry Ever After
by Hollis Shiloh

Police are the enemy. But when the choice is between working with them or letting the pack starve, Clay does his duty as the alpha and takes a job he'd never otherwise have chosen. He doesn't expect to find a certain sheriff so absolutely captivating. Harry makes him want things that are dangerous. After all, everybody knows non-shifters don't make good mates...right?

A shifters and partners novel
Length: 51,000 words 
Heat level: very low


I watched his hands as he fiddled with the straw wrapper, as he squeezed lemon into his water. He had particularly watchable hands, with character, deft and careful and precise. They were hands that could mesmerize. Not young and smooth, they were large, rather tanned, with prominent knuckles and with some dark hair on the back of them. They were hands that had worked hard, and also hands that were careful. He turned a salt shaker round and it was all I could do not to stare as we waited for our food to arrive.

He'd ordered for both of us. At least, he'd gotten a burger and fries and looked at me inquiringly. I'd just said "Same." I would have even if he'd ordered the worst thing on the menu. I was hungry enough I wouldn't care. Still, I'd heard good things about the food here, and it always smelled wonderful when I was walking past.

It smelled good today, too, but even so, it couldn't distract me from my obsession with his hands.

"So what can I do to ensure that you're happy working at with the sheriff's department?" said Harry.

I can think of a few things. My mouth was dry, but I forced myself to look up and meet his gaze. I tried my best to banish sexual thoughts...and those damnable fluttering feelings thumping around awkwardly inside my chest.

Oh, his eyes were just so damned blue.

"It's fine," I said. "As long as I get paid." And it's enough to help the pack. "Flexible hours are good, too, when I'm working construction in the summer." At least if I could get any construction work this year.

He nodded seriously, paying careful attention to me. It was a heady experience.

"That's pretty much it." It would help if I weren't targeted by anyone inside or outside the sheriff's department for my involvement, but that was probably too much to ask. No, I would have to weigh any increased risk against the decreased risk of being run down (assuming being seen with the sheriff eating in public did affect that risk in the right direction).

Harry smiled at me gently, but in a slightly scolding way. "There's something you're not telling me."

I couldn't help grinning. It felt like we were old friends, even though we'd barely met. I put a hand against my chest, miming shock. A slightly camp gesture, but one I didn't feel funny making around him. "Moi?"

He laughed: a genuine, out-loud laugh, just from my nonsense joke. It made me grin harder; it made my toes curl up in my shoes. It was a delicious surprise, his laugh.

"All right, fair enough," he said. "I suppose you're allowed to keep some mysteries. I'd just hate to see you leave for greener pastures as soon as we get used to each other."

I looked at him, and thought, That is never going to happen.

And heaven help me, but that made my inner wolf as wary as anything that had happened in months. If already I didn't want to leave...and not just because of the pack, but also because of him...then I was in a bad way.

Dial it back, Clay.

My smile must have slipped, because he looked concerned. "Something I should know, Woodley?" he asked, a bit of tension entering his voice. "You already have another job lined up?"

He was really worried about me leaving...the job, not him. That was all he cared about, of course: the work I could do, the use I could be to him. And that was how it had to remain. Anything else was in my head, and shouldn't even be there.

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