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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A Wizard's Shelter

A Wizard's Shelter

Visiting his sister Mary at the lighthouse should be a delightful vacation for Elliot--except he’s going there in disgrace while he awaits his fate from the wizard council. 

Mary’s assistant, Rue, is a gentle, self-possessed young man about Elliot’s age. Elliot is drawn to him, and his magic seems to calm down around the handsome and mysterious Rue. Elliot sinks gratefully into the unexpected grace of Rue's kindness and friendship. He doesn’t understand why his magic is broken or why it feels whole again around Rue. But right now he’s just trying to survive, grateful for the reprieve Rue’s friendship provides. 

But then a a potential tragedy on the beach culminates in Rue revealing his true nature: he’s a selkie, both man and seal, with a magic that somehow complements and heals Elliot’s when they’re together. And that might not be possible for much longer.

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I must admit this is my favorite story so far.  :)  I should probably warn you the heat rating is quite low....


  1. I just finished this book today....it was so sweet, so strong yet gentle, romantic but not hyper-sexual or erotic. I honestly & truly enjoy your romance novels, because I feel the romance shines through and isn't overlayed by tons of erotic scenes or underdeveloped plot. I believe there is a place for erotic romance, don't get me wrong...it's just not my preference. I'm more of a sweet yet angst-driven romantic reader at heart :-)

  2. I love this post Hollis. You do a wonderful job at your writing and I admire you for keeping your own style.

  3. Thank you both so much! ♥♥ This one really is my fave. I'm glad you liked it. :D