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Monday, May 13, 2013

His Paparazzo


Actor Colin Colton is tired of dealing with the paparazzi. One night he snaps and breaks the camera of pushy Zach Jarlson. Within a few hours, guilt sets in and he replaces it.

Colin has a contentious relationship with the press--especially Zach. Then one day, trapped in a cable car together, they discover something more....

They go from enemies to friends and lovers...and then back again, as a sex tape of the two hits the market for a cool two million. Colin thinks Zach made it, and Zach thinks it was Colin. And neither man is ready to take it lying down.

Colin tracks Zach to a cabin in the woods as heavy snow cuts off all access. Their private interlude reveals the truth--and the real culprit.

But Colin still has to convince Zach he wasn't just a fling. Gun-shy after being outed by the press, Zach disappears from Colin's life. 

Just what does a guy have to do to convince his paparazzo he's serious about having a real relationship?

  • A contemporary sweet gay romance or m/m romance.
  • Length: approximately 33,000 words or ~135 pages
  • Heat level: Low

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