Friday, June 30, 2017

What's Up

Hi guys!  So I haven't made many "bloggy" posts for awhile.  Mostly I'm just using this as a landing space for my new release information.  But, I thought I'd do a general update, and talk about some of the stuff I'm reading as well.  Just for today!  :-)


I've moved, for one thing.  It's pretty great.  I live in a much quieter area now, in a cute little place, and the air is cleaner, which is really helpful for my allergies and general peace of mind.

I'm healthier than I've been for a while, and the move is a big part of it.

To be upfront about it, I couldn't have moved at all without you guys.  Thank you for helping to support my writing habit, life, and now my move!

There are a lot of birds here, and rabbits, and it's extremely quiet.  I love it.  I'm getting more work done, too.


Writing is going pretty well.  I'm hitting my word counts and then some.

I'd been hoping to write some completely non-angsty stuff, but the muse still sort of dictates what it wants, and my input only goes so far.  (I know that sounds strange, like I should have more say in what I write, but that doesn't really work for me!)

It's still mostly wolves right now.  I have a lot of ideas in the shifters and partners series, and fewer elsewhere. There are two novels right now in the works, one with the working title "enforcer wolf," the other without any working title at all, about a physically handicapped wolf shifter.  Don't know which will be done first, hopefully one of them for August.

I want to write more ESRB stuff, too, but the muse isn't there yet.

Some things I've read recently:

The Holiday Hoax, by Skylar M. Cates (a re-read, in audio this time)
One Hex Too Many, by Lou Harper (re-read; from the Charmed and Dangerous anthology)
Death By Silver, Melissa Scott and Amy Griswold (audio)
Rite of Summer, Tess Bowery (Not my usual fare, but well done.  It's no longer for sale anywhere, though.)
Feral Dust Bunnies, Angel Martinez (loving this series!)
Lily White, Rose Red, by Catt Ford (noir gay mystery)
most of the Psycop series by Jordan Castillo Price (re-read, some in audio, some not)
Fangirl, by Rainbow Rowell (finally got around to reading it!)
Hearts Alight, Elliot Cooper (a Hanukkah story!)
Job Hunt, Jackie Keswick
The Blind Side, by Michael Lewis (I never thought I'd read a book about football.)
Bow Wow, by Spencer Quinn (audio) (This is part of a children's series about a girl and a dog solving mysteries on the Bayou.  I'm generally over children's fare, but I enjoy this series for some reason.  It's from the dog's POV.)
Seven Summer Nights, by Harper Fox (I just realized this story has more female characters than you sometimes find in a whole fleet of gay novels...and they all belonged there and didn't take away from the main romance one iota!  Just one of the amazing things about the story.)
North on Drummond, by K. C. Burn (a re-read - this was one of my first paranormals!)

What I'm currently reading:

Skin After Skin, JCP (the latest Psycop story)
Mobsters and Miracles, by Lavinia Lewis (cop partners falling for each other)
Echoes of Deviance, Lyn Gala (a great series, plotty, paranormal, original)
A Christmas for Oscar, Alex Whitehall (I really like Christmassy stuff, ok)
Playing With Fire, Jambrea Jo Jones (just starting this one)
Red Rising, by Louise Bourgeois (I didn't realize it was about vampires, and now it's too late and I'm invested!)
Draakenwood, Jordan L. Hawk (the saga continues...!)
Women's Work: The First 20,000 Years, by Elizabeth Wayland Barber (It's about textiles, with lots of fascinating historical context.)
Preacher, Prophet, Beast, by Harper Fox (YASS)

In general, thanks for everything.  Take care of yourselves in the hot weather!



  1. These are all such great things!! Congratulations also on your new release...I so love all your books, but shifters hold a special place in my heart :-) I am reading it now on my Kindle app on my phone!



    1. ^^ Thank you so much, dear. Your words are very kind! *hugs*

  2. I've been meaning to reply to this post for ages. It warms my heart to hear you're doing so well! 😍

    1. Thank you so much for the kind thoughts! :) I really owe you an email, don't I? :)